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Provided on this webpage is an overivew of HEG's current career colleges and post secondary schools for sale as well as list of buyer acquisition opportunities.

HEG is an international merger and acquisition consulting and advisory firm, focused exclusively on investments in the private education sector and we one of the most active M & A consulting firms in the field and have significant experience in early childhood, K-12, and post-secondary education market. We work with school and business owners and buyers from across the globe regarding the sale of their educational institution – be a K-12 school, language school, education-related business, and/or career college. We work with an extensive list of qualified buyers seeking to purchase businesses in variety of markets and school types. These include corporate buyers seeking platforms or add-on acquisitions, high net-worth individuals, private equity firms, and/or other qualified parties interested in acquiring private schools. Additionally, in a select few occasions, HEG also represents buyers with their search and purchase of a private school, including:

  • Career Colleges & Universities
  • Language Schools
  • K-12 Private Schools
  • Preschools
  • Education-Sector Businesses

Next Step

If you would like to find out more about buying, selling, or merging your K-12 private school, post secondary school, language school, or education business, or would like to find out more about the value of your school in today's market, please contact HEG by email at or calling directly at +1-800-687-1492. Provided below is an overview of the schools HEG is currently representing in regards to their sale or school types buyers are seeking to acquire.

Provided below is a list of our featured Career Colleges and Universities for sale.


HEG 目前有一家投资公司希望在未来12-24个月内在美国或加拿大任何一所城市投资购买一间职业学院或大学。投资额高达5000万美元。如果感兴趣的话,要求转让或销售的学校包括以下的先决条件:本科及研究生水平的课程,专业包括商科,计算机,医护等声誉卓越接收国际学生入学等候名单以保证学校的入学率学校必须是租赁或自由持有的财产学校有一定的发展空间国际学生入学美国学校必须持有I-20签证*...
Our Client is selling their highly respected, Western Canadian, designated (accredited) for-profit Career College that proudly provides diploma level career training programs and corporate training...
Our Client is selling their British Columbia based Cosmetology Career College that is a fully accredited post-secondary institution with EQA that has been a trusted institution in its market for more...