Profitable Special Needs For-Profit Private High School & College For Sale (No. 2025)

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Our Client is selling their nationally recognized, fully-accredited US private for-profit day & residential high school, college, summer academy, & career-focused program for young adults capable of higher education with special education needs. It is the premier provider serving thousands of older adolescents & young adults struggling with learning disabilities, high functioning autism, ADHD, anxiety, depression, or related conditions.

New England Prep Private For-Profit Accredited SEVIS-Certified Junior Day School For Sale (No. 2068)

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Our Client is selling their esteemed private, for-profit, co-ed, Gr. PreK-8 independent prep day school in New Hampshire, in the heart of charming New England. Established 40 years ago, it has 37,000 ft2 of space on 7 acres with nearby property to support expansion. First & foremost, the school is fully accredited & SEVIS-certified to enroll international students. This critical certification provides a strategic platform for an offshore school operator immediate entry into the highly sought-after New England market.


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Halladay Education Group (HEG 教育集团)目前被授权出售一间加拿大安大略省大多伦多地区一个盈利的,政府认可的职业学院,此间学院为本地和国际学生提供30年的商业,医疗保健和法律方面的30多个文凭课程。这是一家在高等教育和技能发展部注册的私立职业学院,并且具有加拿大移民,难民和公民部颁发的安大略省学生助理计划和指定学习机构(DLI)号码的资助资格。 在过去的30年中,成千上万的学生已经从他们的课程中毕业,并在他们选择的领域中取得了成功的职业生涯。其中超过70%的学生从安大略省学生援助计划获得学生贷款,20%从EI获得教育经费,其余的则是收费(国内或国际)或从WSIB,保险公司或雇主获得资助。学生团体包括新的加拿大人移民,学生通过他们的实习课程计划寻求当地教育和本地工作经验,寻求重新进入劳动力市场的机会。同时也帮助了一些单亲家庭以及希望提升专业技能的求职者。